About PoppyStone Floral Design

PoppyStone Floral Design will provide the most creative, authentic, and inspiring designs for your special event. We deliver an impeccable product and excellent customer service, so you’ll always know what to expect—and yet we aim to go above and beyond to surprise you with our work!

Director Susan Cartwright
Susan uses her 15+ years of experience in the floral design/event industry in San Francisco and the Napa Valley to create current, unique arrangements, bouquets and more. She is a master at orchestrating seamless, beautiful designs for weddings, corporate functions, and other special events—always with an enthusiastic attitude.

Susan, a former professional gardener, has a degree in horticulture.  She concentrates on choosing local flowers and materials when available, and is committed to making her floral designs as Earth-friendly as possible. 

“Using interesting textures, unique foliages, and unexpected elements in my designs are signature for me. My most favorite events are personal weddings with brides willing to go for it with a big, bountiful bridal bouquet!”

Husband-and wife team Victor and Claire Sanz founded PoppyStone in 2009 to specialize in high-end floral couture.  In 2016, Susan Cartwright took over the business after a year of working side-by-side with Claire.   Still actively involved in the event industry, Claire still occasionally lends a hand on big events!